Arboreum-Rhododendron Species Collection:

  • Arboreum-Rhododendron Species Collection vzw is a non-profit organization dedicated to conservation, research and the acquisition, cultivation and distribution of rhododendron species.



  • Bringing attention to the impact of climate change. The problem of deforestation involving rhododendron species which are  eradicated for the benefit of intensive agriculture and livestock, industry, housing, traffic infrastructure…


  • In addition Arboreum-Rhododendron Species Collection vzw annually invests in the protection and conservation of these endangered rhododendron species. This also means going back to historical propagation techniques.  In vitro culture is excluded.


  • Sharing knowledge by establishing collaborations with academic,
    scientific, private and other involved partners is one of the core tasks from the organization.


  • The correct scientific identification and inventory of existing collections,


  • Our reference collection is specialized and has a large number of species classified as “near threatened ”,“ endangered ”,“ vulnerable endangered ”,“ critically endangered ”
    listed on the Red List.

  • Organic garden: We don't use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

    Creating a garden that is ecologically balanced.

    Customers are welcome to return pots to the nursery for re-use.

  • Only assistance dogs that are highly trained are permitted into the Garden.